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  • Stripper/Punch Down tool

    Stripper/Punch Down tool
                Description : Econo UTP/STP stripper and punch down tool for stripping wire with diameter of 5-6.2mm and the top end for...
  • Wire Stripper/Cutter

    Wire Stripper/Cutter
            Description : Wire stripper and cutter used on the following wire size and gauge : 30AWG/0.25mm, 28AWG/0.32mm, 26AWG/0.40mm, 24AWG/0.50mm and 22AWG/0.65mm....
  • Installation Tool

    Installation Tool
            Description : F-connector jacket seperation tool for use on RG59 & RG6 type cables. One end use to enlarge the spacing...
  • Punchdown Tool Blade

    Punchdown Tool Blade
                Description : 66/110/88 type blade for CT-3640. Blade only. Requires punchdown tool CT-3640. ...
  • Nibbling Tool

    Nibbling Tool
                Description : Metal plate nibbling cutter cuts up to 18awg (.46") steel, 1.5mm copper, aluminum, plastic and other unhardened metals....
  • PC Tool Kit-11 Pcs

    PC Tool Kit-11 Pcs
            Features : PC tool kit in black vinyl zipper case comes with 11 pieces. Included in this kit are: ...
  • RJ6 Crimp Tool

    RJ6 Crimp Tool
            Description : Modular crimp tool used for crimping 4P4C/RJ6 type plugs....
  • Punchdown Tool Blade

    Punchdown Tool Blade
                Description : Bix type blade for CT-3640 Blade only. Requires punchdown tool CT-3640 ...
  • Coaxial Stripper

    Coaxial Stripper
            Description : Coaxial cable stripper. Used on RG-58/59/62/3C/4C cables. ...
  • IDC Crimp Tool

    IDC Crimp Tool
                Description : IDC fixture crimping tool for crimping IDC-type of connectors on to ribbon cable. Crimping height distance from 6mm to...