Test Equipment

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  • Fiber Checker Pro

    Fiber Checker Pro
                Applications : TI-2005A from Hobbes uses a bright red laser generated optical signal to inject a visual signal down fiber cable...
  • LAN ID Tester

    LAN ID Tester
                Applications : The TI-6655 is a tool for verifying and troubleshooting local area networks. It is designed for network administrators to quickly...
  • LAN Test Pro W/ Probe

    LAN Test Pro W/ Probe
                Applications : The TI-6652 Ethernet cable tester allows you to see open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs and split pairs in just...
  • LAN Tester

    LAN Tester
            Applications : The TI-100 is a continuity tester used with RJ45/12/BNC type cables. Included are batteries and a case....
  • Modular Cable Tester

    Modular Cable Tester
                Applications : The TI-0451 is specifically designed to test modular-terminated (RJ45, RJ11, RJ12) for wire continuity and mis-wiring. Can be used...
  • ATX Tester

    ATX Tester
                Applications : The coolmax TI-224 PSU is a Power Supply Tester with LCD, LED Light for ATX 24-Pin, 20-Pin, 4-Pin, 6-Pin, 8-pin...
  • RS-232 Break-Out Box

    RS-232 Break-Out Box
            Applications : Test and rewire your RS-232 interfaces with this portable, pocket-size BreakOut Box. It provides access to all 25 conductors...
  • Smart Fiber Tester

    Smart Fiber Tester
                Applications : The SmartFiber is an easy to use and lightweight fiber optic power meter that measure power of light transmitting...
  • Tone Generator & Probe

    Tone Generator & Probe
                Applications : The Tone Generator ia a highly practical network installation and troubleshooting tooll which features a single or a multi-tone...