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Modular Cable Tester
Item # TI-0451
Modular Cable Tester








Applications :

The TI-0451 is specifically designed to test modular-terminated (RJ45, RJ11, RJ12) for wire continuity and mis-wiring. Can be used to test a variety of pin configurations such as USOC 4, USOC 6 and USOC 8, whether the pins are crossed or wired straight through. Perform all of the above tests on installed cables with the remote terminator.

Features :

  • Determines continuity faults for modular cables with RJ11/RJ12/RJ45 connections.
  • Compares wiring configuration to USOC 4/USOC 6/USOC 8 standards.
  • Identifies wiring shorts, open wires, crossed pairs, reversed pairs and miswiring.
  • Tests installed cables with included remote terminator.
  • Includes storage pouch.


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