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NKI Electronics carries a wide range of electronic project kits like the highly praised RobotiKits™ and OWIKits® from OWI inc.. These award winning educational kits feature science do-it-yourself experiments designed to teach concepts from the ground up while allowing children and hobbyist to have fun. The kits are available in various difficultly levels, ranging from beginners with no experience up to advanced with soldering and mechanical assembly, challenging builders from grade school to adults.

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  • Jungle Robot

    Jungle Robot
                Live, explore, and adventure the world of robotics with OWI's newest edition to their award winning line of robotic and...
  • 4 in 1 Robot

    4 in 1 Robot
            OWI introduces the second generation of its award winning Jungle Robot and is it Quadra-spectacular! As its name indicates, 4...
  • Binary Player Robot

    Binary Player Robot
              Just OWI introduces the second generation of its binary navigating robot kit. BINARY PLAYER ROBOT is very “predictable”, two-wheeled robot....
  • Weasel Robot

    Weasel Robot
            Weasel is a tenacious little robot warrior that embodies two sensors that allow it to “see” a line or “feel”...
  • Robotic Arm Edge

    Robotic Arm Edge
              Riding the wings of the award winning Robotic Arm Trainer, OWI has made robotic arm technology more affordable without compromising...
  • USB Kit for OWI-535

    USB Kit for OWI-535
            The Robotic Arm Edge, a Dr. Toy 2008 Best pick, gets a much-anticipated accessory with the introduction of the USB...
  • Robotic Arm Trainer

    Robotic Arm Trainer
                The ROBOTIC ARM TRAINER teaches the basic robotic sensing and locomotion principles, testing your motor skills, as you build and...
  • USB Kit for OWI-007

    USB Kit for OWI-007
          Connect this interface board to your PC and to Robotic Arm Trainer, then the robot is at your command! Controlling,...
  • Spider III

    Spider III
            "Cool" just got even cooler with the invention of SPIDER III, the third generation in our quest to offer the...
  • Hyper Line Tracker

    Hyper Line Tracker
              "Hyper" yes, and we really mean it. This cyber bug possesses a sonic tracking system, and is fortified with a...