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Walking King Crab
Item # OWI-MSK669
Walking King Crab








Methodically, eight legs work in harmony to create a ballet style “tippy-toe” movement.  Similar to its cousin from Alaska, the sun’s rays will make it scurry along to safe passage. If you were thinking about dipping its legs in melted butter and garlic, you’d be disappointed with a mouth full of high density plastic. Walking King Crab is the next logical kit if you have already assembled the Super Solar Racing Car (OWI-MSK671) or the Frightened Grasshopper (OWI-MSK670). It is powered by a mini solar cell (included) and demonstrates alternative energy principles. No batteries required and less than thirty-five parts to assemble.


  Solar Panel Output:1.1V x 75mA
  Assembled Size:90mm x 76mm x 78mm
  Unit Weight:40g
  Solar Cell Life:2 yrs in normal use
  Power Consumption:1.2V x 10mA
  Tool  needed:screw driver [(+) size m2-3]
  Piece count:38

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