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Attacking Inch Worm
Item # OWI-MSK673
Attacking Inch Worm








Dangerous? You’ve got to be kidding me? An inch worm?... Attacking Inch worm has orange spiky limbs to ward off any predator who seeks to challenge it as a delectable delight. Its initial defensive mechanism may fool intruders for a moment, but still requires a way to heed out of harm’s way. The sun’s rays power this mini solar kit to slither along to safety. The mechanical movements simulate the movements of its soft-bodied derivative.  Because its home is above ground, Attacking Inch Worm has a hard plastic body to protect itself. This slender creeping animal is the next logical kit if you have already assembled the Super Solar Racing Car (OWI-MSK671) or the Frightened Grasshopper (OWI-MSK670). It demonstrates alternative energy principles. No batteries required and less than fifty parts to assemble.



  Solar Panel Output:1.1V x 75mA
  Assembled Size:165mm x 44.4mm x 49mm
  Unit Weight:34.5g
  Solar Cell Life:2yrs in normal use
  Power Consumption:1.2V x 10mA
  Tool  needed:screw driver [(+) size m2-3]
  Piece count:48

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